Firefly / Serenity

Firefly: the best TV show ever. A show with wit, heart, values, characters you can care about and relate to. A show that in part (mostly?) due to network politics was canceled way, way, too soon - after just part of a season. Fortunately, at least the whole season made it to DVD, where people could watch the episodes in the correct order - but that’s a whole ‘nother story - for another day...

Serenity: allegedly the ultra-abridged season 2 of Firefly made in to one kick butt movie.

Browncoats: Redemption: A fan made movie that takes place in the ‘Verse about three months after events that occur on Miranda in the Serenity movie.  The profits from this movie will benefit charity.  Learn more and/or find out how you can help at:


I have a theory that the more intelligent, empathic, caring, sharing, and thoughtful a person is, the more likely they are to love Firefly and Serenity and be a Browncoat. An extension of this theory is that part of why the show and movie did not gain the popular support they “should” have is that there are too few people on this planet that have a sufficient combination of the above mentioned traits.


Someday I may try to add a Firefly / Serenity resource index and/or rating system


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