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Speakers - Paradigm

Subwoofers - Epik Subwoofers, The Thigpen Rotary Subwoofer (like having a helicopter in your HT setup)

Transducers - Buttkicker LFE, Crowson Technology

Decibels - 1dB is generally considered the smallest noticable change for the average human ear. Each 1dB increase represents a 25.9% increase in the sound pressure (SPL) and the wattage needed to make that increase. It takes twice the wattage to double the SPL (a 3 dB increase). It takes roughly 10 times the wattage to double the volume (a 10 dB increase).

Thanks to recent upgrades I now have (what I agree to be) an optimal 30 degree field of view, optimal screen height (at 43 center screen height), accurate D65 grayscale tracking, near 6500K color temp, etc. from my the new DLP RPTV.  Im not sure if Im getting optimal output levels, but it seems plenty bright to me.  The 8,100+ peak watts of audio, sub-audio, and tactile output add a lot to the experience.

I need/want to learn more about video calibration, as I think I still have undersaturated red.  I would like to go with a front projection system, but that would be a pain in the butt and be really expensive. A good projector and screen combo runs at least $20,000.  All technologies have their drawbacks. Rear projection systems, have geometric anomalies, overscan (displaying slightly less than the full picture), and light output can be somewhat low in bigger models. Flat panel TVs (plasmas and LCDs) are small. Plasmas are subject to screen burn, but can have great performance in a light controlled (darkened) viewing environment (due to their lower light output). LCD performance (color, brightness, contrast) degrades rapidly if you view them more than a little off of dead center - regardless of claimed viewing angles. IMO most flat panels are designed to sucker in the undiscerning masses that know and care nothing for real image quality. The high quality Plasmas and LCDs cost a lot more than the ad flyer specials that garner a lions share of the sales. It is getting harder and harder to find TVs that have good performance at a reasonable price - darned uninformed, indiscriminant consumers...


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