Other Interests

Rock Climbing & Repelling - My interest in repelling interest had always been a gateway interest towards climbing. Spring 2010 I started actually Rock Climbing at Devil’s Lake, WI, and love it so far.  I’m rapidly learning and doing stuff that I did not expect to be capable of.

Wakeboarding - Strap one board to both feet and have a boat drag you around; try do amusing things without getting hurt. Like waterskiing too, but its not as fun.  Want to estimate how fast you are actually travelling across the water?

Geocaching - Modern day treasure hunting; nature hiking with purpose. There are a lot of variations, but the predominant concept is that people hide a container and record the GPS coordinates at or near the hiding spot.  The container, usually a “tupperware” or ammo can, is filled with a bunch of trinkets and a log book. You use your GPS to find the cache, and when you do you fill out the log and take an item, while leaving something to replace what you took. http://www.geocaching.com/about/default.aspx

Antique Office Equipment

Bicycling - in college I used to ride regularly and participated in the MS150 (150 miles in two days to benefit Multiple Sclerosis). Sometimes it was 80/70 other times 90/60.  Now not so much, but I wish I had time.

House Plants - used to have scores of them, now most have died off because there is just too much other stuff to do - no time to regularly water them and repot them every few years, etc.

Gardening - went crazy for a few years and then got too busy to keep up.

Ponds and Aquariums - see above :-(

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