Pinball Links

Pinball Convention Map: A pinpoint map showing various conventions, tournaments, and some other pinball landmarks.

Pinball Expo: The biggest best pinball show in the world (that I know of), currently held in Wheeling, IL, usually held in October.

Pinside: A great website for Pinball information from some pinball fans across the pond. I consider their Top 100 Pinball List to be the most fair and accurate available as they attempt to discount or eliminate votes that seem to be designed to artificially raise or lower a certain machine’s ranking.

IPDB: The Internet Pinball DataBase. Another great resource and you can download a ton of game information (manuals, some ROMS, etc).  They have a Top 300 List, but it is not as user freindly, and I suspect not as unbiased.

You can buy memorabilia for the best looking pinball machine ever made,
Big Bang Bar at:

See and learn a bit about the machine here:

Pinsane: Some cool pictures of pinball show and pinball related things.

More to come when I have time...


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